Get Rid of Bangs

If you do not like extremely straight bangs then avoid the use of a straightener. Replace it with a smaller version of ceramic brush, to style your bangs.

The first technique is really simple, just round your hair on the brush and use a blow dryer for 1 to 2 minutes. After this you will get curvy above eye bangs that look really nice.

Second way to style your hair, is to start braiding any one side of your hair and braid it in the opposite direction. It is really simple to do because you are only required to create a simple side braid with your bangs. Secure your braid with bobby pins and to add some style in it you can push some hair over the braid.

If you do not like braids, then grab your bangs to twist them sideways and away from your hair. After completing your twisting process use a bobby pin to secure it down. Now take the hair and push it over the bobby pin to cover it.

Next, use a round ceramic brush, grab the section and round your hair inwards or outwards. Use a blow dryer for a couple of minutes. Stop brushing before unwrapping your hair and then release your hair. And voila you now have side bangs.

You can style bangs in a nice poofy style as well. Grab the first layer of your bang, spray your hair and tease it with a rat tail comb in a downward direction. Grab other sections one by one and repeat the same teasing process with it. After teasing, comb your hair away from your face to get a smooth texture, push them in an upward direction, grab a bobby pin and secure your hair. If you have thin hair then does not forget to use a holding spray as final touch. You will get a cute little poof.